Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Story of Sherlock and Watson...

These two boys, brothers we think, showed up with in days of each other in Delaware County, Indiana, hunting season had just ended,...and so did Watson and Sherlock,...

The Boys, showin' the others how it's done!

A Note from Watson's Foster Home, the day he left for his very own Fur - ever home, Greg Writes:

It was a sad day for my wife and I today.
This was our last morning that Watson was going to be with us.
He had special hugs for Pat this morning before she went to work.
We will miss him very much.
He is such a great dog and has such a wonderful personality.

He howls to let us know the phone is ringing, he hugs us every chance he gets, and he knows just how to trick you to get out of bed to let him outside and after you are out of the bed he jumps in and takes your spot.
He has taught Libby and Sherman how to play aggressively without starting a fight.

He loves his walks and runs.
He also loves his naps.
This was a very emotional departure for us and I am sure for Watson also.

The great thing about adoptions is when you see an instant bond between a dog that you have loved, and the person that is adopting that dog. It sure makes it worth it.

I think the photo says it all. It was love at first sight.

Good luck Watson and Eric, Angelic and family.

You have a prize that will bring you happiness for many years.
Thank you Lisa for letting Watson be part of our life.
Greg and Patricia Holden, Libby and Sherman

Since then Sherlock has gone to his furever home as well!!
Watson writes a note to Sherlock, bidding farwell to a Brother, a good friend,and hunting partner;
My dear friend Sherlock,
Our travels from Indiana in early November have taken both of us many miles and into many states. All of the people that I have shared my life with have been so loving and understanding. I am confident that that same feeling is shared by you. These rescue people sure are a special breed. Their hunting skills are almost as good as ours. After all they found and saved us.

I seem to recall, Sherlock, that you once said,

"My line of thoughts about dogs is analogous. A dog reflectsthe family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones. And their passing moods may reflect the passing moods of others."

Our investigations have certainly been rewarded. I am happy to say that we both seem to have solved “The Case of the Missing Adopters” at about the same time.
I am going to hang up my investigators hat, and retire in this great state of Michigan. The Esser family has everything that I will ever need. The search for the perfect family has finally ended.

Someday, you and I Sherlock, may have one more hunt together.
So Sherlock, until that day happens, good luck.

Your friend forever,

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