Sunday, April 8, 2007

My First Day Without My Foster Dogs!

As reported by Lisa Floros, mother of little 2-year old Sofia and setter fur kids Mallory and Cali and foster mom to Mazie and Dorothy:

I am going CRAZY!  I don't know what to do with
myself! I have only been without Mazie and Dorothy
for less than a day and I am bored! At least I had
Willow to snuggle with last night. She took Mazie's
spot in the bed! But I took her to her new family this

Then, I brought Sofia home from Grandma's. Sofia is
beside herself that her girls are gone! (She doesn't
understand that we will be in IL next weekend to get
Mazie!) It has been almost 5 hours of her crying for
and searching for "Mazie Lou" & "Dorfy"!

Cali and Mallory are ticked off as well! They are so
bored that Cali got into a bag of garbage while drying
her muddy body in the garage! She has never done
that! At least that gave me a reason to give her a
bath! Mallory crawled into Dorothy's crate and
whimpered for 10 minutes!

I guess I'll just clean my house this week and check
with the city about a kennel license! LOL! Our walks
are so much shorter. I think I actually miss
preparing Mazie's yummy raw food! In my opinion, I don't
have enough dog hair on my clothes or in my car! My
laundry loads are so much smaller without the doggie
bath towels!

I understand Amy's boredom while she's away from
school much better!

Bottom life without my foster dogs isn't as
much fun!

Lisa F.

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