Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fostering has also helped my own dogs to become more sociable and more at ease with furry visitors at our home. I even threw a dog party with 21 dog guests at my house, and my fur kids didn’t even blink an eye. You also learn a lot about your own dogs in interaction with foster dogs. Since starting to foster, my husband and I have learned so much more about dog body language, pack behavior and personality and how to better communicate with your dogs through your own actions and body language. It’s fun and fascinating. We love it.

I can only warmly recommend for families to give fostering a try. Yes, fostering takes time and patience while you are integrating the new dog into your family, but what you get back in return is so much more.
Still have more questions about fostering?? Just contact IBR and ask away. We love to tell more and are always there to help---now and during the entire fostering process.

Of course there are always reasons why some people cannot consider fostering---such as being gone from home way more than the standard 8-9 hours on a work day, a fur kid that’s just not wanting other dog company no matter what, etc. If fostering is not for you, see if you’d have fun to help in other ways. We always need drivers for dog transports and people to help with home visits for potential adopters. Let us know which area you live in and that you would like to be contacted if a transport route or home visit is near where you live. Also---Illinois Birddog Rescue is always in need of donations and appreciates any monetary help you can give.

The miracle of rescue is that so many pieces make up the puzzle. Nobody can do it alone—even if somebody drives in a transport only ONCE, or fosters only ONE dog in their lives, they’ve been touched by rescue and have contributed and saved one life. That’s the beauty of it.

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